A small collection of some of my sculpture work

"Arachnoffeine" spider teapot created as part of a ceramics study, sculpture shown in greenware stage.
A little further along in the process, It is now in it's bone-dry state and ready for the kiln.
Inspired my a dew drop, a small fruit bowl I sculpted for Mother's Day. I wanted it to have an abstract shape, smooth interior, and a textured exterior.
It took a while to reach the desired degree of smoothness I wanted, but my presistence finally paid off!
I used a wooden stamp pattern to texture the exterior of the bowl, here it is in the bone-dry stage
"The Good Wave" sculture was inspired by "The Great Wave" a ukiyo-e woodblock print by Japanese artist Hokusai.
These are some of the early paper studies done to determine the best overal aesthetic and shape.
Some digital shape studies done for "The Good Wave" sculture, rendered using Google SketchUp .
The final product, constructed out of lexan and shaped using a blow torch. I finished it with some acrylic spray paint.
Early contour drawings done for the "Condor" wire sculpture.
Constructed out of a single continuous piece of copper wire, the "Condor" sculpture was meant to express the conection I feel towards my native Peru.
Concept Drawings for the "Keg Chair" sculpture, I wanted to find a balance between form and function.
First I found a keg and cut in half using a power grinder and dremel tool combo (and yes, the dremel tool took forever!)
The sculture was modeled after a mug of beer, I used acrylic spray paint for the finish and 3M hardening foam to form the head.
The finished sculture came out great it was even mobile, thanks to the dolly!
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